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Don't leave your dogs home alone send them to playdates doggy day care

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One-to-One Basic Training


A Weekday Home From Home for Your Fur Baby

Situated in the heart of Hindhead Common, Playdates Doggy Daycare is an outstanding, weekday crèche that boasts spacious gardens and woodland where you can leave your fur baby while you’re away.

If you want your dog to have more company and human interaction than dog walking and more freedom than a boarding kennel, you have found the right place.

We provide a home-from-home environment in our own home, for well- behaved and well socialised dogs, with free access to a garden, human affection, exercise and activities just like they would get at home.

Why Send Your Dog to Playdates Doggy Daycare?

                • Your dog will have easy access to a spacious garden and woodland.
                • Your dog will receive love, affection, and human company.
                • Your dog will have plenty of exercise, stimulation, and fun.
                • Your dog will be safe and protected from harm or mischief.
                • Your dog will have the opportunity to socialise with other well-behaved dogs.

My Story

After spending 20 years running a successful company, I was finally able to pursue my long-held dream of creating a loving home-from-home for dogs whose owners can't be with them for a few hours. I’m Sarah, you four-legged best friend’s pal at playdates doggy daycare. Here’s my story:

I grew up with dogs, and for me, a house is not a home without a dog. I longed to work from home so that I could get a dog of my own and the night before I got Finn, my first dog, I was sick with excitement. Bringing him home was one of the happiest days of my life and shortly afterwards we were joined by Sisko.

My business grew and I moved into an office, but I couldn’t take Finn and Sisko with me and they had to stay at home. Every morning as I got ready for work Finn and Sisko would watch me with sad eyes and when I left the house I would feel a terrible sense of guilt. I knew my gentle, loving dogs would spend the day bored and lonely and I was letting them down as an owner.

I started using dog walkers, but I felt that an hour’s exercise a day couldn’t make up for leaving Finn and Sisko alone for the remaining 8 to 10 hours a day and so the guilt remained.

Eventually, I found someone willing to have Finn and Sisko during the day at her home. She was lovely, but it soon became apparent that whilst I was paying her to look after my dogs, she simply went about her day as normal, shutting them in her utility room when she went out or if they were in the way.

What I wanted was professional, caring daycare for my dogs, with a qualified person and reassurance over the quality of care they were receiving, but at that time no such facility existed. I realised then that this was something I wanted to do and I have spent the last 15 years working to bring playdates doggy daycare to life.

During that time, I have continued to own and work with dogs. I have successfully trained a number of dogs and have had a dog qualify for Crufts. What’s more, I have taken a number of courses, including Canine Psychology, Canine Health and Welfare, and Animal Management Courses, amongst others.

Playdates is a crèche for dogs where the care offered mirrors that available in the best children’s nurseries. It’s somewhere for dogs to hang out and have safe, supervised fun, whilst providing stimulation for the mind, exercise for the body, and loving care to nurture the canine spirit.

Today, we share our home with Woody and Bramble, along with two cats, some budgies, and some fish. I still find I can never look at a dog without smiling and after a hard day at work, a cuddle with my dogs restores my soul.

My Mission

I aim to provide caring, professional day care for dogs which matches the best day care available to small children.

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